When we say that our website is dedicated exclusively to the niche of cricket, there is usually a collective sigh. “Not another one” is the general refrain. However, when readers visit our site they are pleasantly surprised. True, cricketwritersclub.com is another site on cricket but we are surely different.

How is it so? For one, our blog site is not devoted exclusively to one aspect of cricket, be it scores, past matches, statistics, or news. We try to go behind the scenes to analyse what has happened on the field. For us, a Test match is not only about which side has won or lost or even the runs scored or centuries hit by batsmen. It is more of an analysis of the match. Was it a spinning or a fast paced track or did the captain make the right choice to bat or bowl. The intricacies of the match are laid open for our readers who in any case would have got cold details of the match from the morning newspapers.

This is where we stand out from the others and similar websites on cricket. As the name of our site denotes quite clearly it is not a reporter that is writing on a particular point. It is writers who are experienced and aware of the finer points of the game and can therefore be exclusively termed as cricket writers. Their expertise on cricket is what makes our blog site so unique, exclusive and readable.

While we do have our own team of writers waxing eloquent on the finer points of the game, we also depend largely on contributions from bloggers who are well conversant with cricket and for whom the game is a passion. Hence, we invite blogs and articles from those who love writing on the game but did not till now which site to send their write-ups to.

What can you write about? For us, any topic is fit for publication on our site provided it is related to the game. Here are a few suggestions. You can report on games in your local area that have established some record – highest total in an inning in first class cricket or six sixes in an over or anything else that deserve a mention in the record books. You can also mention the different rules of the game that come into force from time to time.

Do write in to us on any topic related to cricket. Your contributions will make our blog site truly meaningful and exciting.